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Scenes of County Clare

Below are thumbnails of full-sized (800 x 600 pixels) images suitable for use as wallpaper in Windows.  On most computers, these images will fill the entire screen, making them ideal for use as a wallpaper background.

To install one of these images as the wallpaper on your computer, simply click on the thumbnail image and follow the directions that will appear on the next page.


A photograph of Patrick McNamara standing before the family’s house in Maghera. Click for full-sized image
A photograph of the Nestor House in Maghera set against a marbled paper background. Click for full-sized image
An excerpt from the 1887 Ordnance Survey map of Ireland, showing the area of Nestor’s Bridge. Click for full-sized image
Quin Abbey, photographed in May 2000. Click for full-sized image
Another view of Quin Abbey, looking across a field with a grazing horse. Click for full-sized image
A photograph of one of County Clare’s most impressive landmarks, the Cliffs of Moher. Click for full-sized image
Literally a County Clare wall: this is a stone wall with ivy inside the ruins of the ancient church at Clooney. Click for full-sized image
A vintage postcard of Ennis, showing what is now known as O’Connell Street, with the monument to Daniel O’Connell prominently featured.


Two Relevant Dublin Scenes...


This is a crane owned by Michael McNamara and Co., one of Ireland’s largest contractors.  This particular photo was taken from Nassau Street in Dublin.  The crane is deployed at a construction site on the campus of Trinity College.
This is the construction site wall along Nassau Street in Dublin.  If your name is McNamara, why not plaster it all over?


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