A Chronology of My Father’s Family in Ireland

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On this page are family records beginning in 1880.


March 7, 1880: Patrick McNamara, the first son of Patrick and Mary McNamara, is baptized in the parish of Clooney.  As Clooney and Quin were conjoined parishes, all the baptismal records shown on this page are kept today at the rectory in Quin.

My uncle Pat emigrated to the United States, and owned a grocery store in Paterson, New Jersey.  He married a woman named Bridget Ryan, whom he apparently knew in Ireland (as her brother accompanied my father when he sailed to America in 1904).  My uncle Pat passed away on September 15, 1946 in Paterson.


February 5, 1882
February 5, 1882: A daughter named Mary is baptized.  Mary, who was always known as “Minnie,” emigrated to the United States and lived in New York City.  I remember “Aunt Minnie” very well as she often visited my family in Paterson, New Jersey when I was a boy.  She passed away on April 14, 1947 in New York City.

Note that my grandfather’s name is often abbreviated in these parish records.  As the surname McNamara was so common in County Clare even the parish priests simply used the nickname “Mack.”


July 29, 1883
July 29, 1883: A daughter named Margaret is baptized.  During a visit to the courthouse in Ennis, in County Clare, I was able to locate a death certificate for Margaret which indicates she passed away on April 18, 1895, at the age of 11.  The cause of death listed on her death certificate is diabetes, though of course it’s questionable how accurate that diagnosis might have been.


August 9, 1885
August 9, 1885: A daughter named Eliza is baptized.  I have been able to find no other records of Eliza.  The absence of a death certificate at the courthouse in Ennis indicates, according to officials in the courthouse, that she probably died very soon after birth.


July 22, 1887
July 22, 1887: My father, John McNamara, is baptized.  His sponsors are Martin and Kate Donohoe, who were perhaps related to his grandmother, who was born as Bridget Donohoe.

My father, of course, emigrated to the United States.  He lived in Paterson, New Jersey until his death on March 2, 1965.


April 17, 1889
April 17, 1889: A daughter, Anne, is baptized.  Anne would emigrate to America and marry a man named Charles Merriman.  I never got to know the woman my father recalled as his sister “Annie” as she suffered a tragic accident two months after serving as my godmother.  While feeding one of her three daughters, her clothing came into contact with the stove and caught fire.  She died as a result of her injuries on January 1, 1924.


April 3, 1891
April 3, 1891: A son, Michael, is baptized.  Michael emigrated to the United States, lived in Paterson, New Jersey, and served in the U.S. Army during World War I.  He passed away on November 10, 1924.


August 24, 1892
August 24, 1892:  A daughter, Elizabeth, is baptized.  Elizabeth emigrated to the United States and lived in Paterson, New Jersey.  She married a man named Joe Doran, and I remember her very well as “Aunt Bessie.”  She passed away on January 8, 1945.


September 28, 1894
September 28, 1894:  The youngest child in the family, a daughter named Teresa, is baptized.  My aunt Teresa remained in Ireland, and to this day residents of the townland of Maghera recall her fondly as “Tessie.”  She married a man named Tom Kenneally on July 5, 1939.  She passed away on May 10, 1957, and my uncle Tom passed away on December 22, 1978.


December 13, 1895: John Nestor, my great-grandfather, passes away at the age of 71.

June 28, 1896: Mary McNamara, my grandmother, passes away at the age of 40.

November 9, 1904: Bridget Nestor, my great-grandmother, passes away.  Her death certificate gives her age as 78.

October 22, 1941: Patrick McNamara, my grandfather, passes away.  His death certificate gives his age as 88.  To this day residents of Maghera recall him fondly as “The Doctor Mack.”


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